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FML Adventures is a Canadian adventure tour company offering small group tours between Vancouver and Calgary tailored towards adventurous backpackers who want to experience the absolute best of Canada’s forests, mountains, and lakes.

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FML Adventures Canada Tour Company

Our mission at FML Adventures is to bring together adventurous souls from around the world by seamlessly planning and executing Canada adventure tours. Through our trips, we intend to connect individuals with themselves, soon-to-be lifelong pals, and the wonders of nature, while disconnecting from the go-go-go-ness of their day-to-day.


Why? Because we all crave the adventure, connection, and memories that only travel can bring.

Why FML Adventures? 

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“What an experience!!!! The most amazing traveling I’ve ever done with the craziest person I’ve ever met! Lisa brings so much fun and positive energy to the trip, while planning and running it so smoothly! There is no one else you would want to take you from east to west of the most beautiful country! FML Adventures is the only way to see Canada for all it’s worth, and truly experience the Canadian lifestyle. I had the best 30 days of my life and would 100% do it all over again. Incredibly jealous of anyone else who gets to experience the most magical places with the best tour guide out there! Can’t wait to see Lisa bring this all to life!!!! Anyone thinking of seeing Canada- you’re crazy if you don’t do it with FML adventures 🤘🏼”


- Laura, Northern Ireland 

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