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FML Adventures

FML Adventures is a Canada travel company on a mission to give hundreds (and eventually thousands) of travellers the opportunity to experience the adventure road-trip of a lifetime, where strangers turn to family.


Through planning and executing epic bus adventures, FML Adventures gives adventurous souls the opportunity to forge real, human connections while experiencing incredible scenery - leaving you with an array of beautiful memories to take with you wherever you go next. We all share a deep desire to disconnect from our day-to-day lives to reconnect with ourselves, nature, and those around us, and we understand that. 


We’re founded by backpackers for backpackers, and we want to offer you a carefree way to experience the country we love. On our tours you can expect an exciting, action-packed, yet stress-free itinerary that ensures you hit every highlight (and many hidden gems) across Canada.

Canada travel company FML Adventures

FML Guiding Principles



FML Adventures prides itself on creating a safe space where strangers can become family. Our tours allow travelers to reconnect with themselves, with nature, and to forge deep and genuine connections with others that go beyond their time spent on an FML tour.



Travelling to unknown places gives us experiences that promote our growth and enable us to gain new perspectives. We understand the importance of fulfilling our desires to adventure, it's what lights our souls on fire and why we bring others along for the ride.



The outdoors is a sacred place that grants us permission to let go of the external pressures surrounding us and anchor ourselves into who we truly are. Its wild beauty forces us to be present while reminding us of what is really important.



FML is all about showing up freely and exactly as you are. Through epic small-group explorations, we are creating a space where individuals from all over the world can come together to authentically show up as themselves, learn from one another, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

FML Adventures Founder Lisa Kurolap

Meet our Founder, Lisa

Lisa is our Canadian, travel-loving founder, tour-guide and driver on most FML trips. Her formal education is in Business Administration with specializations in Marketing and Economics, but she found her true passion in backpacking and experiencing the world.


Her travel bug started with a three-month trip to South-East Asia and New Zealand but grew substantially after spending a year working in Australia. It was here that she was introduced to the travel industry, started working in multiple hostels up the Australian East Coast, and eventually became a brand ambassador for hostels across Australia.


It was during her Australian travels that she recognized the huge need for Canadian travel offerings that were tailored toward the millennial backpacker. She made a commitment to start Canada’s first cross-Canada travel company while out in Australia, and the rest is history.

join the fml dream team

Join the Dream Team


are you...

Friendly, outgoing, reliable, responsible, hard-working and organized? 

Known as the life of the party?

In love with adventuring and the great outdoors?

Looking to have the best summer of your life? 

Excited to change the lives of eager backpackers?

FML Adventures is now hiring two legends to join the FML Dream Team for four months of epic Canadian summer adventures.

If this sounds like you, learn more about our FML Guide positions and apply at the link below.
FML Adventures Canada travel company
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