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FML Adventures is the first coast to coast tour company of its kind in Canada. We got started after noticing a huge need for accessible options for traveling across Canada. So many similar tour offerings exist in places like Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia, and Europe - so why not Canada?


On our tours you can expect an exciting, action-packed, yet stress-free itinerary that ensures you hit every highlight (and many hidden gems) across the country. We understand what you want. We’re founded by backpackers for backpackers, and we want to offer you a carefree way to experience the country we love. We believe in small group travel (max. 16 travellers) to allow for maximum adventure, and to encourage that backpacker connection that only travel can provide!


If you’re ready to jump right in, and learn all about our Ultimate Cross Canada Tour click here!

About our Founder/

Tour Guide /Driver

Lisa is our Canadian, travel-loving founder. Her formal education is in Business Administration with specializations in Marketing and Economics, but she found her true passion in backpacking and experiencing the world.


Her travel bug started with a three-month trip to South East Asia and New Zealand but grew substantially after spending a year working in Australia. It was here that she was introduced to the travel industry, working in multiple hostels up the Australian East Coast, and eventually becoming a brand ambassador for hostels all across Australia.


It was during her Australian travels that she recognized the huge need for Canadian travel offerings that were tailored toward the millennial backpacker. She made a commitment to start Canada’s first cross-Canada travel company while out in Australia, and the rest is history! 

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