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it's time to hit the road again, safely

Ready to hit the road again? Us too!


How can you travel safely during COVID-times? Naturally, the answer to this question is constantly changing. But one thing is certain. When you join us in 2021 for that once-in-a-lifetime trip, your health, safety and well-being will always be our #1 priority.

FML Adventures is closely tracking the newest information relating to COVID-19 health regulations and will continue to make the necessary adjustments to ensure we meet and exceed the standards set by the government, and our participants. You can be confident that our FML team will be doing everything possible to run our trips responsibly & hygienically, so that you are as safe as possible. 

What we're doing

Part 1 

health & safety measures

Part 2 

Flexible Bookings

Part 3

contingency plans galore

Traveller Looking At Turquoise Waters of Joffre Lake in British Columbia, with Deep Forests and Soaring Mountains in Background

Part 1 - health & safety measures

As we start planning our 2021 FML trips, the safety and well-being of our travellers, tour guides, and suppliers will remain our priority and our return to operations will be done in the safest and most responsible way. All itineraries are and will continue to be compliant with Government of Canada health guidelines.

The new standards implemented will emphasize increased hygiene and sanitation, in keeping with recommendations from the World Health Organization and following government protocols. 

To ensure the safety of everyone on board the FML Adventures bus, the following health & safety measures will be in place for our 2021 trips:  

  • Guides will be required to regularly wash & sanitize hands

  • Hand sanitizer will always be available on the bus

  • Face masks will be required for travellers/guides in public areas

  • Travellers will be required to undergo a health screening prior to the departure of the trip 

  • Gear/equipment will be sanitized often and EXTENSIVELY in between tours 


While the above list includes our current health & safety measures, the FML team is prepared to evolve and adapt as necessary.

Please Note: If travelling from outside of Canada, we recommend you check your government's travel advisory and the World Health Organization for the most up to date information about destinations and permitted travel from each country. 

Part 2 - Flexible Bookings

We understand that travel in COVID-times is tricky. Circumstances are different now and plans change. Despite everything going on - we want our travellers feeling excited & confident for their adventure-filled Canadian journey.

So what's our flexible booking policy? 

Our 2021 trips require a 10% deposit upon booking, and the remaining cost is to be paid 21 days before your trip is scheduled to depart. Our flexible bookings will allow you to cancel your trip up to 21 days prior to your departure and be reimbursed for your deposit in full. 

Traveller Overlooking Rushing Waters of Wapta Falls in YOHO National Park
Backpacker Exploring the Base of Peggy's Cove Lighthouse near Halifax, Nova Scotia

Part 3 - contingency plans galore

Our trip itineraries are EPIC and incorporate the best of Canada's highlights & hidden gems from coast to coast. In COVID-times, our trips will have a Plan A, B and C for every destination we visit - ensuring that we always have an incredible place to explore no matter what.


If any new travel restrictions are announced throughout the trip that prohibit us visiting our first choice - we'll head out to Option B, or C! This way, if we're notified of any new "hot spots" while on the road, we'll have a plethora of nature-based options mapped out all around us (Canada's definitely not lacking in nature). 

So have no fear, the FML dream team is here. 

While we can't be 100% sure what the future holds, we promise to do everything possible to deliver a care-free, adventure-packed, and epic once-in-a-lifetime journey across the Great White North. 



How will you manage social distancing on trips?

Due to the screening measures and additional safety protocols in place, once on the trip, you and your group members will form your own "FML bubble" of close contacts for the duration of the trip. We will continue to observe physical distancing when required or recommended in public situations by local authorities.

Are COVID tests and isolation required before a tour?

We require a negative COVID test 72 hours prior to your trip's departure. On Day 1 of your trip at the Welcome Meeting, all travellers will be required to fill out a health questionnaire asking you to disclose whether you’ve been diagnosed with, had symptoms of, or knowingly been in close contact of anyone with COVID-19 within the past 14 days. We will continue to monitor this situation, and our policies will be compliant to ensure the safety of FML travellers. If you are travelling from outside of Canada, you will be required to follow all Canadian travel restrictions prior to your trip's departure. If there is a mandatory 14 day quarantine in place at time of travel, you will have to complete your quarantine prior to your FML trip. As such, it's important to stay up to date with the travel advice provided by your Government as well as what's issued by the Canadian government. If you do not follow Canadian travel restrictions, you may be denied entry onto the FML bus.

What if I start feeling unwell on my trip?

Speak up! Let your guides know as soon as possible so they can help you. Feeling unwell on a trip can happen from time to time and our team will be right alongside you to help. Additionally, our team will now receive COVID-specific safety training, ensuring they're prepared to assist you.

Do we need to wear masks on the bus?

You will need to wear a mask prior to the health screening at the group's welcome meeting. After that, when and where a mask is required will depend on the government advice in the destination. Your guides will brief you on mask wearing throughout the trip. Ensure you familiarise yourself with how to safely wear, handle, wash or dispose of masks when wearing them while travelling. Past the health screening, we will form a "FML Bubble" and travellers will not be required to wear masks on the bus. We will continue to observe mask regulations when required or recommended in public situations by local authorities.

Can I get a refund if there's a last minute cancellation due to nation-wide COVID protocol?

If nation-wide COVID protocol prohibits FML Adventures from running 2021 tours, all money will be returned to travellers.

Can I get a refund if I am unwell before my trip and unable to travel?

If you are unwell prior to travelling, please stay at home and contact us to make alternative arrangements. As per our booking policy, if somebody has to cancel shortly (within 21 days) before a trip, they will be refunded 90%. The 10% deposit will not be returned.

Will insurance cover me for COVID-19?

The travel insurance industry is currently still working out its response to the COVID-19 pandemic and some providers are now starting to include COVID-19 cover in their policies. We strongly recommend you choose a provider who does include COVID-19 cover, if possible. Please check with your individual provider for more information.

Do I need to bring my own hand sanitizer?

We will always have hand sanitizer available on the FML bus, but we recommend also bringing your own personal supply for times when it is not available, such as when exploring a destination independently.