FML Adventures: 13 of the Best Places to Travel in Canada

Are you planning your next trip to Canada and searching for the best places to travel to while you’re there? Being such a vast country makes it hard to know where to start but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!

Being a cross-country tour company means we know some of the best vacation spots in Canada. So, we compiled this list of our favourite places for backpackers just like you. If you’d rather not go through the hassle of planning a trip yourself, why not book one of our Cross-Canada Tours and let us do the planning for you?

Either way, check out the list below for a quick look at some of the best places to travel in Canada from the West to East coast:

  1. Tofino, British Columbia

  2. Whistler, British Columbia

  3. Kelowna, British Columbia

  4. Jasper, Alberta

  5. Lake Louise, Alberta

  6. Banff, Alberta

  7. Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

  8. Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

  9. Niagara Falls, Ontario

  10. Toronto, Ontario

  11. Montreal, Quebec

  12. Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick