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Tips for Buying Flights to Canada on a Budget

Walking into your local airport with your suitcase rolling behind you as you hold your passport with your flight ticket tucked into it. The smell of the coffee shop fills the air while you sit at your gate, impatiently anticipating boarding your plane. You’re waiting on the edge of your seat, excited to get up in the air where you’ll see the beautiful view of snow-capped mountains as you pass over stunning Canadian landscapes that you just can’t wait to see firsthand.

It’s time to stop daydreaming about a trip to Canada and instead make it happen. But FML wants to help you stay on budget, so what are the best times to book flights to Canada?

Universal Flight Tips

Plane in the sky

Regardless of where you’re going, Tuesday is the cheapest day to look for a booking. Considering most airlines post their weekly deals on Monday night, Tuesday is the high competition day for airlines to match those deals. So snatch up some tickets on a Tuesday and save a quick buck on your way to wherever.

The best day to book a flight if you’re working on a budget is always a weekday. Specifically, Tuesday or Wednesday because they’re middle of the week, low traffic times for airlines. Once you have the day, finding the best time is the next step to keeping your wallet happy. Essentially, take the spot no one else wants: overnight and early mornings (and we mean like dawn early).

Always remember the later you book, the more expensive it gets. But also, the earlier you book the more deals you miss. So, find the sweet spot for what kind of flight you’re booking. For international travel, four weeks to five months should be your goal. Domestically in Canada, 30 days to three months is your go-to window to get the most bang for your buck.

International to Canada

View from a plane window

For all our international friends out there, coming to Canada isn’t always easy. But, if you’re coming for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of an FML adventure tour like the West Coast Best Coast, it’s 100% worth it.

Peak season in Canada is considered November, December and January, mainly because of the holidays. The cheapest month to look for flights are February or April for the discounted prices. If you’re coming for the summer, June and July generally have better deals than August so book accordingly!

Of the Canadian destinations, Montreal is the cheapest to fly into and once you’re in Canada, smaller domestic planes can take you wherever you need to go for cheaper (maybe to Vancouver for the FML Vancouver Island Adventure). An FML favourite is Flair airlines or WestJet.

Domestic Canadian Flights

Domestically, flights in Canada are a little expensive. Higher operation costs and management costs for Canadian airlines are kind of what we’re known for. But, with a country as big as Canada, it's not for nothing.

January is the best time to look for bookings of domestic flights within Canada, and surprisingly, Sunday is one of the best days to book domestically instead of Tuesday. According to Skyscanner’s 2019 data, following those booking tips can save you 20% on your flight tickets.

If you’re looking for the lowest average price you can expect from domestic flights, look no further. Here are the averages prices you should be looking for when booking within Canada:

Top routes for flights within Canada chart

So stop daydreaming about a trip for the future and start looking for your booking now so you can have a trip of a lifetime as soon as possible. And, if you time the flight right, you can come to join FML on one of our summer trips for an affordable, all-inclusive adventure.

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