• Lliam Buckley

Packing List: 17 Essential Items for Travel In Canada

Planning a trip is daunting, whether you’re travelling for a few days or a few weeks. The last thing you want is to forget something important and not realize until you need it! If you’re planning a trip to Canada or anywhere else it’s a good idea to make a packing list ahead of time. This way, you know exactly what you need to bring.

Being a cross-Canada tour company means we’re pretty experienced in what’s essential when backpacking here. So, we’ve assembled this packing list to help you figure out what to bring when you’re travelling in Canada:

  1. Important Documents

  2. Canadian Currency

  3. Backpack

  4. Packing Cubes

  5. Cell Phone (& Battery Pack)

  6. Camera

  7. Universal Adapter

  8. Clothes

  9. Shoes

  10. Hat (and Sunglasses)

  11. Sunscreen

  12. Reusable Water Bottle

  13. Toiletries and Hygiene Products

  14. Flashlight or a Headlamp