From the forests, mountains, and lakes: Entry 1

Lisa bought a bus.

That’s all I needed to hear for my attention to be captured. My friend who first told me this elaborated, explaining the broad strokes of what he knew.

After traveling throughout South East Asia and working in hostels in Australia, Lisa was starting a tour company for young backpackers in Canada, hoping to lead camping excursions and outdoor adventures from coast-to-coast. She had been mapping out the hidden gems of the country, scoping the best of the forests, mountains and lakes that make up the vast landmass of the Great White North.

I ditched class a couple weeks after learning this to meet Lisa for a coffee. I told her then and there that, one way or another, I want in.

One of my favourite memories with Lisa—which she probably doesn’t remember—was at a party in our first year of university. Our Captain-Morgan-slugging energies quickly got along, especially after I introduced my favourite party trick: chasing with h