From the forests, mountains, and lakes: Entry 3

Remi’s fear of heights didn’t stop him from jumping off a bridge.

Really, though, he was pushed.

After packing up our bags and rehitching the trailer early that morning, our white, dusty bus (whose name is Brent, by the way) reversed off the driveway of our cozy AirBnB and drove twenty minutes south of Whistler—towards our newest source of adrenaline.

After parking and walking up a forested road, we saw it: the 160-foot-bridge stretched over the glacial fed of Cheakamus River. Rushing water and rolling rapids gurgled far below like a soapy dishwasher.

Since opening in 2002, Whistler Bungee has been providing adventurers with their fix of free-fall adrenaline. Their website flaunts a perfect safety record, and their staff seem to understand the necessary precautions for strapping people to a harness and preventing death.