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A Re-Introduction to FML Adventures: Where are we now?

Well, adventurers, it’s been a crazy year.

We travelled through tons of forests, mountains, and lakes across B.C. and Alberta in true FML fashion, with 16 other adventure-seekers by our side. From insanely beautiful hikes through the Rocky Mountains and embracing the Gatorade blue lakes of Canada, to wine touring through the Okanagan and all the sunset frisbee our little hearts can take, we’ve experienced some amazing things in one year (shoutout to our founder Lis for taking on two grizzly cubs and surviving to tell the tale).

FML Adventures testimonial from backpacking adventurer

After our original 2020 launch was cut short due to the pandemic, we came back in full force through our inaugural year in 2021 with even more desire to explore Canada. The best part: we made amazing friends along the way, reconnecting with ourselves, each other, and nature.

FML started as a passion project to share the beauty of Canada with backpackers around the world. With every wanderer who joined us in 2021, we discovered the power of people. Nature can host us as we travel the country, but the people you bring along the way make the 10+ days in the wilderness that much more worthwhile. A “life-changing experience” may sound a little cliché, but the proof is in the pudding.

Backpacking in Banff with a group.
The FML Family on a summer 2021 backpacking trip to Banff.

So, where is FML now, and where are we going next?

Well, Lis is no longer a solo act! The FML dream team is growing, and we are so excited to experience even more adventures, people, and stories in 2022.

Meet Alya, our new content-creating legend!

She is a journalism graduate with a passion for the arts, and a travel bug she just can’t get rid of. While she was lucky enough to go on trips with her family over the years, her favourite trip was visiting New Zealand back in 2017. Not only did she dare to jump off a platform 40 stories in the air attached to a bungee cord, but she explored everything she could in real-life Middle Earth to fuel her love for the Lord of the Rings. Turns out the walk into Mordor is pretty simple.

Meet Bri, our new trip planning legend!

She is a third-year Environmental Science major studying at Dal University in Halifax Nova Scotia. Originally from Ontario, this travel lover has always had passions for the great outdoors, great friends and great food. Fortunately, before the pandemic hit she was lucky enough to travel to Jamaica with her best friend where she ventured every inch of the island she could. From climbing up waterfalls and meeting other travelers in local villages, to swimming alongside full-grown sea turtles, it was definitely a trip to remember.

Meet Azeem, our new strategic planning legend!

He is a business graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University, currently working for Canada’s only major league baseball team. Travel, food, and adventure are things he has always craved. Pre-pandemic, he travelled to Hong Kong for a 4-month exchange where he visited 5 countries and 7 cities during his time there. Whether it was bathing with elephants in Chiang Mai or visiting temples with his newly gained friends from all corners of the world, it was the best 4 months he could have asked for. He has plans to visit Vietnam in May and is hoping to eat all the phand experience all of the incredible sights while there.

If you’d like to join the FML Dream Team in 2022, see what we’re hiring for.

In other big news, FML is officially moving to B.C. because we just couldn’t get enough of that West Coast Best Coast fun! Ontario was a great start, but what can we say? We are forest, mountain, and lake lovers.

The future's looking bright for FML - a future including epic summer and winter adventures, a constantly growing team, and eventually maybe even FML lodging. For now, we have seven new tours coming in summer 2022 welcoming 70+ new adventurers to the FML family. We can’t wait to explore even more of what Canada has to offer with all of you!

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